Residential and Commercial Window Tinting

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Frequently Asked Questions

Won't window tinting ruin my view?

Actually, just the opposite is generally true. You may be surprised to hear that most residential window film is very lightly tinted. It isn't the color or even the darkness of the film that provides most of the benefits of tinting. The special formulations of today's professional films perform most of the work. In fact, having window film installed will usually enhance your view.

What can tinting do for me?

Professionally installed window film will lower your energy bills, eliminate most "hot" spots in your home and eliminate 99% of UV rays, which are the primary cause for premature fading of furniture, floors and even the artwork on your walls.

Is it difficult to take care of?

The high-quality films used by Sun Masters are very easy to maintain. With our scratch resistant coatings, your windows can be cleaned and generally maintained the same way as before you had the film applied.

Does Sun Masters also tint car windows?

Sun Masters specializes in residential and commercial properties. Although they may seem similar, both the film and the process used are different. However, Sun Masters Automotive is down the street from our address. Sun Masters Automotive is a seperate business from Sun Masters Residential and Commercial. They will be happy to take care of any automotive tinting job for you. They also install car alarms, custom audio/video systems, paint protection and more.